There’s only one way to truly see the beauty of Tuscany and that’s by taking a road trip. Sure, there is plenty to see and do by train, but to find places off the beaten path, having a car is the way to go.

The Tuscan region of Italy is quite large, spanning from Pontremoli in the north to Capalbio in the south. While the classic image of Tuscany is rolling hills draped with orderly vineyards, there’s much else to see and do there as well. For example, Tuscany has hundreds of miles of luscious coastline to explore!

Ready to book your rental car? If so, let’s begin our journey!

The Ultimate Tuscan Roadtrip

Begin In Capalbio

While the medieval city of Capalbio is unmissable on its own, it’s impeccable views and close access to pristine beaches makes it the ideal first stop on a good Tuscan road trip. Spend the afternoon winding your way through the ancient streets and lush gardens, keeping your eyes peeled for preserved frescoes along the way. Then head to the coast for a dip in the Tyrrhenian Sea and relaxing sunset. Tip: cruise the SS1 until you find a secluded beach to claim.

The Ultimate Tuscan Roadtrip

Head To Siena

The next idyllic destination in Tuscany is the historic city of Siena. Known for it’s grand central Piazza del Campo, taking a tour of the tall-but-slender Torre del Mangia is a must. The views from this 14th century tower are unbelievable. Siena’s seventeen distinct neighborhoods, called contrades, are a delight to wander aimlessly. Tip: On the way to Siena from Capalbio, consider stopping in Grosseto to see the impressive medieval fortified city walls.
The Ultimate Tuscan Roadtrip

On To Florence

Florence, as one of the most popular destinations in Tuscany, is completely worth the hype. The piazzas are charming, the churches are grand, and the food is magnificent. A mandatory experience is viewing the stunning architecture of Il Duomo di Firenze or even mounting the hundreds of stairs to see the vistas from the top. Florence is also a cultural epicenter, housing some of the world’s most famous art. Find Michelangelo’s “David” at the Galleria dell’Accademia and Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” and da Vinci’s “Annunciation.” at Uffizi Gallery.

The Ultimate Tuscan Roadtrip

Sip Wine On The Way To Piza

While Piza is the end destination for this roadtrip, it’s important to not get there too quickly. After leaving Florence, spend plenty of time exploring the romantic vineyards on the way to Piza. You can even stay the night at any number of bed n’ breakfasts, who serve farm-fresh foods and homemade wine. Once you reach Piza, you know what to do! Get the camera ready, it’s time to take an iconic picture at the “Leaning Tower!”

The Ultimate Tuscan Roadtrip

Created by Mandy Burkholder