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Looking for a “dream” beach destination?. We want to tell you about “Maui Wowie”. 

Created by Lynn May Gosselin

One of the most popular islands in the Hawaiian chain, Maui is an amazing tropical destination in the Pacific. The perfect location year round, the weather is typically in the in the high 20’s with little rain. The humidity is never very intense, making Maui the perfect holiday for hiking, enjoying the beach and sipping drinks as the pink sky turns to night.


As much as the sunsets are spectacular on the island on Maui, the sunrise is breathtaking to behold, especially, on top of Haleakala. Haleakala National Park, meaning house of the sun, is a dormant volcano boasting incredible scenery. The most interesting viewpoint is at the top of Haleakala Crater. A steep and windy road to the top, with lots of overlooks along the way, the view once you get there is worth the turns. You’ll need to rise early if you plan to make it for sunrise but it’s worth it. Feeling on top of the world, literally, you can wander slowly back down the hill to find your morning coffee after you have taken in the sun breaking through the darkness.


Hawaii is well known for it’s majestic pink skies and Maui offers many a spot to drink in the picturesque end of the day. All of the beaches along the West side of the island are the perfect place to park as the day ends. If you are looking for a watering hole to watch the sun go down, try the thatched roof bar, Humuhumunukunukuapuaa, located at the impressive Grand Wailea Resort. This rustic spot, named for the Hawaiian State fish oozes character and the Maui Tai’s are perfect.

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Fine Dining

You will be spoiled for choice on the island of Maui when it comes to dining. The island offers many amazing restaurants, cafes and bistros. For a casual, rustic feel with the freshest of fish hit the Paia Fish Market on the East side of the island in Paia. Located on Balwin Ave, the main street in Paia, you can’t miss it as you drive through town. The fish sandwich is packed with the catch of the day and awesome flavor. Everything on the menu is wonderful. Once you’ve ordered, find a spot at one of the communal tables and sip a local brew to quench your thirst.

Whale of a tale

If you plan to travel to Maui between December and May, then you are sure to see some of the most magnificent creatures as they come home to breed, calve and nurse. The Kohola, humpback whales, return to this area year after year. One of the best places to see these beauties is the West side of Maui. Keep your eyes peeled, have your binoculars ready and you will not be disappointed. The Kohola breach, spout, and dive right in front of your eyes. If you’d like an up close encounter, book yourself on any number of whale watching boat experiences and see the whales as they swim right underneath you or rub up against your tour boat. Created by Lynn May Gosselin