Are you looking for a paradise? Need a beach holiday?

Mai Khao in Thalang, Phuket is an amazing part of Thailand to travel to at any time of the year. The Mai Khao Beach stretches for over ten kilometres incorporating some great resorts. It also has beach hut styled restaurants on its shores, sporadically placed along the length of it, each one serving local fish and authentic local dishes. They sit high on stilts and are a great find when you just feel the need to escape from your well-equipped resort.

You have eleven kilometres of beach to walk which is relaxing, and the sun-kissed water draws you in for a cool down. The resorts have lovely amenities and swimming pools, so there is always many choices to make on where you can spend your days.  From around May until the end of October it is the monsoon season. This doesn’t mean that this destination is off limits, on the contrary.If you travel to Mai Khao right now you are coming to the end of the monsoon season. The resorts will be a little quieter and you will be able to enjoy the lushness of Phuket.

It is in this region that you can find the Khao Phra Taew National Park. This is the only remaining rainforest left in this part of the world. It is a relatively small area but there are two walking trails that you can enjoy. It is only a little over ten minutes away from Mai Khao by car. The rest of the lush areas around you are mainly plantations of rubber trees and palms which have replaced the rest of the rainforest, before its preservation was known to be of great importance. A short walk of a few hundred kilometres, takes you through part of the forest but it is the longer walk that really leads you into the centre of this wonderful place. It is only around 2 kilometres – the path snakes along the side of a stream that eventually leads to a waterfall, that you can stand under and be refreshed with this natural water. This month as the monsoon season is still upon the people of this region, the waterfall will still be flowing.

There are little information plaques explaining about the flora and fauna that you are walking through. The level of difficulty is not so great, therefore children will manage it, making it a great adventure for the whole family. At the end of this trail you push your way through really tall bamboo that grows in abundance and shelters you from the warm sun. It is a little daunting to enter this garden of bamboo that grows taller than you, but this adds to the drama and adventure of the trail. Leaving the lush forest behind, you can relax on the beach or at the side of your pool, the monsoon nearly over and the days growing calm and dry – the hot sun of Phuket raining down on you and yours.

Created by Margaret Tully