The mere mention of Bali and thoughts of eternal bliss, peace and tranquility come to mind.

It’s pure paradise to discover so if you are on the hunt for somewhere amazing to set your sights, then look no further than Bali – Indonesia. Your adventure awaits you.
Bali is a place that you will fall in love with. The spiritual people, always with a smile, the lush flowers and the smell of sandalwood in the air make Bali a place that will never leave your mind. Bali is perhaps one of the most exotic places to travel to. Whether you stay on the beaten path and venture to temples, beaches, monkey forests and more. Or whether you choose to get off the trail traveled by most visitors, you will not be disappointed.

Watch rice grow
Beyond the beaches, which are something special, the area around Ubud is rich with a beautiful landscape of rice paddies. The green of the rice fields is so incredible; you will feel as if you are in a painting. Rice terraces almost seem to roll off the cliffs and watching the local workers move through the fields, straw hats to protect them from the sun, is a sight to behold. Wander through the fields at your pace and take in the shapes, sights and sounds. You can explore the fields at Tegalaland Rice Terrace, a short drive north Ubud via private car or motorbike rental.

Indonesia Beach
Garden in the sky
There is some hot nightlife to be found in Bali. Perhaps not the most serene of experiences but if you are looking for a happening, lively time plan to visit Sky Garden in Kuta. This towering, multilevel palace of fun rises up into the sky, offering incredible views of the city below. As you explore the floors of this place, you will find DJ’s, dance parties, and cafes. Many people enjoy the extensive bar menu and nosh on some local fair to go with a variety of cocktails or as the locals do, shots. Known as a vertical playpen, Sky Garden is alive and thumping.

Refined art
Art and history lovers will appreciate some quality time at the Museum Puri Lukisan. Here you will find one of the most impressive collections of Balinese Art dating back centuries. Located in Ubud, the museum is easy to get to and all the art is labeled in English, making it accessible to most. Housed in three buildings, local art from Ubud and the surrounding areas as well as modern pieces are on display. The bookstore, café and gardens around the museum are worth some time as well.
Cooking class
You will surreally sample your fair share of Indonesian cuisine while in Bali and what better way to bring back the smells and tastes of your adventures than by taking a cooking class. Impress your friends at home with your culinary skills, knowledge of exotic spices and the flavors of Bali. Casa Luna Cooking School offers a great selection of classes. Choose from cooking technique classes, combined market tours and culinary experience or for those perhaps a little timid in the kitchen, Casa Luna offers some beginners classes. There is time taken to discuss the role of food in Balinese society, culture and its’ ceremonial and religious importance. 

Created by Lynn May Gosselin