When thinking about Australian beaches, what typically comes to mind are East Coast surf meccas like Bondi, or hippie hang outs like Byron. But way across vast expanses of rugged outback, over on Australia’s lesser populated west coast, there quietly sits thousands of miles of unspoiled beach heaven.lucky bay western australia kangaroos

Virtually deserted, bursting with marine life, and mesmerizingly beautiful, these beaches are the very epitome of untouched paradise. But don’t just take our word for it; check out these three completely unique beaches.

Lucky Bay, Esperance

If you want the quintessential Aussie experience, then it really doesn’t get much better than kangaroos hopping lazily across white sand!

Lucky Bay, heralded as Australia’s whitest beach, also boasts perfect swimming conditions, in seemingly infinite turquoise waters. Across these dazzling waters, which lick the Cape le Grand National Park invitingly, there are simply stunning views of the Recherche Archipelago to tempt you.

The best thing about Lucky Bay, aside from the breath-taking beauty, is the solitude! Positioned in an even quieter part of WA (though really, it is all quiet), the beach stretches for three miles, and you’re likely to share it only with mellow kangaroos hopping languorously.

lucky bay cape de grand western australia

Shell Beach, Shark Bay

The clue is the name; quite literally this beach is a 60 mile stretch of millions of perfectly formed tiny shells– in places up to ten meters deep!

Shell Beach in Western Australia

It is truly unique; and as you walk across the rolling dunes of bright white shells baking in the sun, a translucent bay of shimmering Indian Ocean tempting you on the horizon, you will be completely blown away by this matchless beauty.

What’s more, true to WA, you’ll probably have it all to yourself!

Shell Beach Shark Bay western australia

Cable Beach, Broome

Think lustrous waters, palm trees swaying in a sultry breeze, and an utterly unique outback-meets-tropical-ocean vibe. Broome also holds the accolade for quite possibly the best sunsets in the world! A waterlogged beach reflects a fiery descending sun and a burning ski, painting the entire horizon crimson.

Cable Beach Broome Camels Sunset

Whether you join the convoy of off-road enthusiasts and park your 4wd on the sand, or whether you wobble across the glowing mirage perched atop a camel, this is a show you will never forget! It is somewhat of a daily spectacle, pulling a speechless crowd who sit dumbstruck in nature’s glow.

But there three are just the tip of the sandbar! Running the entire length of Western Australia, empty sandy paradises, lapped by crystal waters, are absolutely calling your name!


Created by Melissa Elderfield