The global popularity of yoga is growing rapidly- and so are the numbers of exotic retreats that can host your ‘oms’ in spectacular style! It can be tough to pick where you would like to practice- do you want your downward dog against a backdrop of mountains, rice paddies or the ocean?

Of course, your mind, body and soul will cherish the experience wherever you chose, but for ultimate blissful serenity, check out these top 3 yoga destinations from around the world.

Ubud, Bali

Indonesia is well known for its spirituality, and the hub of the action has to be Ubud, Bali. This hugely popular yoga area draws visitors in droves, but don’t worry- there is more than enough serenity for everyone. Think bamboo huts, straw mats, rolling rice paddies, utter tranquility– and exceptional food!

Ubud attracts many beginners, and the yoga retreats and studios in the area cater exceptionally well for this. Whatever the level, duration and type of yoga break you opt for, you are guaranteed to be spell-bound by the calming qualities of the surrounding rice paddies and stunning landscapes.

ubud bali best yoga destinations

Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is likely top of everyone’s yoga list- boasting a dizzying array of open air, ocean view yoga platforms; and sublime, harmonious, and remote natural environments. There are many areas within this mesmerizing country which specialize in yoga, but the untouched beauty of the Osa peninsula will especially blow you away!

This is one of the most pristine and secluded spots in Costa Rica, even referred to enticingly as the ‘Wild West’. Expect long walks on white sands, gently swaying palm trees, monkeys on the beach and colorful macaws soaring overhead. Osa is also an eco-hub; so expect locally produced food, eco spas, and an environmentally conscious approach that synchronizes perfectly with the overall spiritual harmony.

osa peninsula costa rica

Oia, Greece

As if the rolling beauty, shimmering ocean vistas, white-washed character, and exceptional Mediterranean cuisine of Santorini weren’t enough, the island is also something of a secret yoga hub. There are several luxury retreats and exclusive studios tucked quietly away in secluded areas of Oia, but those sweeping ocean views are the perfect backdrop to anyone’s downward dog!

Accommodation comes in the form of charming, quintessentially Greek, white-washed, blue-shuttered, ocean facing cottages on hazy Oia hills. And what better way to compliment your daily yoga practices, than with a fresh Greek Salad in front of those soul-renewing Santorini sunsets? Pure bliss and romance.

oia greece top 3 yoha destinations

Created by Melissa Elderfield