Paphos has many archaeological sites worth visiting that combine history, amazing views and architecture.

paphos travel guideIt is also a site you can enjoy and explore wandering around by foot, and just moving along from one site to another as it naturally flows. UNESCO entered the entire town to its World Cultural Heritage List. If you are planning to visit the coastal city of Paphos, here are some places you should consider visiting:

paphos travel guide

Roman Mosaics

Admire some fantastic 2nd to 5th century AD Roman mosaics at the Roman Villa of Theseus, the House of Dionysus, the House of Aion, the house of Orpheus, and the House of Four Seasons. Here you’ll enjoy some amazing mythological representations and of the four seasons.

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Tombs of the Kings

Take advantage of the beautiful views facing the Mediterranean Sea from this mystical place. An early cemetery, dating from 300 BC, it showcases some vaults and caves.

Byzantine Museum

At this museum you will find amazing mosaics, sacred books, icons, and artifacts recovered from churches and monasteries from all over Paphos from the 7th to the 18th centuries. Visiting this museum will give you a great knowledge about the Byzantine history of the region.

Ayios Neophytos Museum

Be marveled by the grottoes carved in the 12th century from the hillside rock. If you want to visit the monastery, it’s just below the grottoes.

Paphos District Archeological Museum

Find some fine examples of Cypriot antiquities, such as pottery, statuettes, and jewelry. A great sample of Neolithic Age with 18th century artifacts of Papho.

Paphos Fort or Castle

Originally a Byzantine fort built to protect the city; later remodeled, restored, and then turned into a castle. This fort is situated at the Kato Paphos Harbor. This castle connects to the harbor by an arched bridge. Considered a UNESCO heritage site.

travel guide to paphos

Paphos Lighthouse

Located on a peninsula in Paphos, this lighthouse dates from the end of the 19th century, and has amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea.

travel guide to paphos

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