Juice it up

fresh-juices-travelIf you haven’t jumped on the fresh juice bandwagon you really should. Fresh, cold pressed juice may just be the hottest trend of the moment but the overwhelming health benefits ensure that this craze will have staying power. For decades, nutritionists and doctors have been telling us to eat more greens. You know the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Encouraging a more plant based diet and promoting the benefit of eating our veggies has proven to be a great fighter for all kinds of problems including stress, the biggest factor affecting health. Now, with juice shops, trucks and stands popping up all over the place, downing some veggie power is easier than ever. Perfect for anyone on the go, especially travelers, who don’t have time to cut up carrot sticks and broccoli trees or a kitchen to access, fresh juice is the answer to over eating at the hotel buffet or goring on a few too many overindulgent meals. Rather than find the best local coffee shop for some extra fuel on your next adventure, try searching for some juice.

kauHappen to find yourself on the garden island of Kauai, Hawaii, then track down local fresh juice producer The Kauai Juice Company and sip on one of their many locally inspired combinations. Juicing extracts the minerals, vitamins and other phytonutrients found in vegetables and fruits and leaves you with a glass power packed with natural goodness. Travelers can find it hard to get fresh fruit and veggies onto their plates, so a glass or bottle of fresh juice is the perfect solution to make sure you get an entire serving of veggies and fruit in a day.

Don’t be scared by the bottle of green and red liquid. While many juicing companies, like The Juice Truck in Vancouver, BC, offer multiple blends with kale, collard greens, spinach and beets, they have made sure the taste is palatable. The art behind juicing is to find the perfect blend of flavors so the drink is both delicious and healthy. Blending the sweetness of fruits and adding the cleansing power of various verbs, make for some delicious drinks. Juice Generation in New York City has been serving up the health and beauty benefits of cold pressed goodness since 1999. With a huge celebrity following, ten storefronts in Manhattan and an extensive menu, as you explore Gotham City, forgo the java and power up with some juice.

Created by: Lynn May Gosselin