Traveling transform content by weholi
Created by Margaret Tully.

Are you looking to make changes in your life?


It’s almost the end of another year, and the time when most of us start planning the changes we would like to make to our lives, in the following year.

Going on vacations can often put every imagined plan into action, kick-starting a fitness regime, eating different foods that can be much more healthy, and bringing relaxation and nurturing into our daily routines.

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“I must get fit” is a phrase we have all said, and when on vacation you can start your daily routine :

Traveling transform content by weholi

  • strolling along a beautiful beach never seems like a workout, but you can easily walk for miles, burning calories and increasing your heart rate.
  • swimming in a warm crystal blue sea, feeling the healing salt waters take all those aches and pains away.
  • Walk up a huge flight of steps to the reach a fantastic viewpoint, or to find a glorious ancient building at the top, all encouraging the body to get fitter
  • walk the length of a great wall, a fortressed city, seeing interesting sights along the way, distracting you from just how far you have walked
  • workout at one of the many outdoor gyms in some of the most exciting locations in the world.

Traveling transform content by weholi

Food and Nutrition

“You are what you eat”, it is true – we all know that putting good food into our bodies makes us feel better.

Whilst on vacation you can start to re-engage with food, and try new flavours to encourage change:-

  • walk through local produce markets, where the freshness of the fruit and vegetables is so overpowering, you can make purchases and return to your accommodation to experiment with raw ingredients, and enjoy this new way to prepare food.
  • You can take part in various cooking lessons, using local produce in various locations throughout the world, making interesting dishes that you will be able to recreate when you return home
  • eat in top class restaurants and let your body feel what good quality and well prepared food tastes like
  • take in the atmosphere of the location you are in through its food, and start to feel like the healthy natives that you meet whilst on vacation.

Traveling transform content by weholi


Taking time out for ourselves is often a neglected part of our lives. You can begin this process whilst you are on vacation, by:

Traveling transform content by weholi

  • Sitting on a wonderful beach, listening to the waves lapping in and out
  • relax on a tour of a garden or around a historical building, giving your mind some much needed culture and non-work thoughts
  • book yourself a massage in one of the many spas attached to your accommodation
  • laugh and sing along with your family or friends as you take in a show at a theatre, or take part in a local custom.

Traveling transform content by weholi

Feed Your Soul

The last section is by no means the least important. While on vacation it is always possible to try new activities:

Traveling transform content by weholi

  • You can have your first skydiving experience,
  • go scuba diving in some of the most popular dive locations in the world,
  • go swimming with dolphins and visit animal sanctuaries
  • walk around museums and see famous artwork in the many galleries throughout the world
  • try new foods

So, what are you waiting for, book your next vacation with weholi – take the time you have while on vacation to kick start the changes you want to make, then return home with a renewed enthusiasm and the bare bones of a routine, and let your vacation experience impact on your everyday life in a long lasting and positive way.

Traveling transform content by weholi