A trip to Havana is a most to do sooner rather than later, as there will be many changes in the near future, as a result of the upcoming embargo lift, which will increase the arrival of more Americans and will open more markets for Cuba.

If the embargo in Cuba gets lifted, there will be a rapid development of infrastructure, more tourist attractions, and more options for tourists; however, it will not be the same. Enjoy it while you can, before it transforms into a different city, without losing its magic.

If you want to enjoy the original untamed land, with colonial palaces, vintage cars still running on the streets, you should start planning a trip within the next two years.

It’s like an old city waiting to be awaken from its isolation from the rest of the world.Old-Cuban-Car

Beside the tradition of this undisturbed land, you can also enjoy the Caribbean, with its pristine water, Havana’s lively festivals and music, like mambo and salsa that were originated here, and that till today still drive so many people to dance and enjoy the party.

It is hard to describe this unique city. Many areas still looking as if it were the 1950’s, it is better to visit Havana and experience the beauty, charm, joy and romanticism of this destination, favored by many artists, and depicted by many writers.

Some things you need to try while visiting Havana are the delicious and traditional café Cubano (Cuban coffee, which is a sweet espresso), and sip some delicious mojitos (Rum cocktail with mint, sugar and lime).

Habana Vieja (Old Havana)

Discover some of the charming colonial monuments along your way, while strolling around this area.

Wander around the 8 km long Malecon (waterfront esplanade) while enjoying the sound of the waves crashing, and waiting for the perfect moment to catch the sunset. This Malecon has expanded from its original form from 1900 to what it is now, combining a mix of architecture with some neoclassicism and art nouveau.

The Malecon is also a gathering place for locals where they have some art exhibitions, festivals or daily activities.


Centro Habana (Downtown Havana)

This area has some mystery on its own, with busy streets and deteriorated buildings, and a lively ambience that is a favorite for many locals.

An interesting place to visit here is the Callejon de Hamel (Hamel alley), which is a lively hub of Afro-Cuban excitement.

Here you can also admire the display of Baroque and Neoclassical architecture, framing the border of downtown Havana, and available with bicitaxis (bicycle taxi) to take you to your destination.

Beautiful colorful sunset in Havana with a view of the ocean and

Created by Alejandra Larade