Created by Alejandra Larade.

Would you like to explore a place so rich in flora and fauna that is considered a biodiversity hot spot?


Visit Nicaragua, the land of lakes and volcanoes, rich in species and with a unique ecosystem, and to top it all it has a warm tropical climate. Nicaragua is not very developed, so you still can find many virgin sites, original as possible – without big shopping malls and vast soulless restaurants, you can however get some great food from small intimate local eateries and some beautiful handicrafts.



Visit the capital of Nicaragua where you can find the history of Nicaragua – a great place to visit, with 3 natural reserves are – the Chiltepe Peninsula, the El Chocoyero, and the Montibeli, which are ready to be explored.  Here you can relax in some of its peaceful beaches facing the Pacific, like Pochomil, which is the most accessible and visited beach by the locals; here you can snorkel, go horse riding, or surfing, depending on the water level, just know that it’s not very developed, you can find some local places where you can enjoy the catch of the day.  If you ever consider sand boarding, here you can experience it, as long as you can reach the top of Cerro Negro Volcano (Black Hill volcano), which is a mile climb, once there admire the outstanding view and get ready for this new adventure.


Colonial Granada

This is a colonial beauty filled with cobblestone streets, where you can enjoy some great local coffee, or watch while some experts roll some cigars. Other areas that you should consider visiting are the archipelago Las Isletas where you can relax in some of the hot springs, marvel at the butterfly sanctuary, or discover some of Nicaragua’s treasures at the Reserva Silvestre Privada Domitila – watch some birds, monkeys or butterflies immerse in the tropical forest, which are part of the rich biodiversity here.


Ometepe Island

Be fascinated with the views of this Island, as you’ll find it’s formed by 2 volcanoes, one of them covered with a permanent cloud and with a fantastic lagoon in its crater, on this island you’ll find beautiful sights and different activities to keep you busy and entertained, such as the petroglyphs and figures carved into large rocks – the reasons why this site is considered one of the greatest areas in the world to see carved stones. Ometepe is also considered a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO since 2010.


This cosmopolitan area, rests in the mouth of the Escondido River (Hiden river), it’s a port in the Caribbean that still imports lobster, wood and other items. Bluefields is famous for its music and relaxed mood.  Some important and good destinations for visitors, that are only a boat ride away are The Bluff, where you can relax and sunbathe by the beach, as it’s not crowded, especially during the week; and Corn Islands (with Big Corn and Little Corn) where you can enjoy some great diving in the caves, fantastic food – some of the bests in Nicaragua.