Have you met the weholi team yet? We have been bringing our new resort vacation marketplace to various conferences, trade shows and events all over the United States like “ARDA World 2016” and “Phoenix Ultimate Women’s Shows” over the past few months.

weholi on the roadweholi is going all over the map to share a new idea for timeshare owners and travelers – a peer-to-peer resort vacation marketplace. In our version, timeshare sellers are the hosts who work with vacationers directly to rent or sell their unused timeshares. Travelers are able to book exclusive timeshare vacations from owners who can’t use their vacation this year. Travelers can choose between timeshare resorts, private residences, serviced apartments, and private villa rentals for less than the price of booking a standard hotel room.

Our idea is quickly catching on, too! Just check out our photos from recent events:

weholi on the road

Villages Timeshare Club

weholi on the road

Dallas UWS

We met so many amazing timeshare owners, travelers and other like-minded individuals who expressed how exciting it is to finally have a community and online marketplace that is all about healthy practices for selling and renting timeshares. Timeshare owners finally have a way to share their unused vacations with travelers who can book a vacation rental online right from our marketplace.