Bangkok is full of restaurants and street vendors selling Thai food, and sometimes it can be difficult to spot the best one.

If you’re looking for places that serve authentic and delicious Thai food, where the Thais themselves love to eat, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s weholi’s Guide to the Best Bites in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Bangkok’s Delicious Street Food

Begin your gastro exploration on the streets of Thailand’s capital. Street food in Bangkok is absolutely tasty and super cheap. No exploration is complete without a prime foodies destination – China Town, the birthplace of street food in Thailand. Travelling with all the family? Head to the Lek-Rut Seafood – one of China Town’s most family friendly spots serving small portions. The best strategy is just to try what looks and perhaps most importantly smells best to you.

“Can’t eat another thing…” Sees mountain of chicken and pork – “Ok, get me some of both” 😂

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Floating Markets 

Even though floating markets in Bangkok are more filled with tourists than locals these days, it is still one of the most popular things to do in Bangkok.

If you’re not ready getting up at 5 and travelling more than one hour to the Damnoen Saduak which is still famous among tourist after the Bond films, head to the Khlong Lat Myom instead located on the outskirts of central Bangkok (accessible by taxi).

Some of the best foods to try at Khlong Lat Mayom and at any Bangkok floating market include Pla Pao (Thai salt crusted grilled fish) for fish lovers, Goong ob Woon Sen for shrimp lovers and Kanom Tarn (the moist sponge cake, topped with shredded coconut) or Ma Ho for everyone with a sweet tooth.

Thip Samai Restaurant

Ask any local where to find the best Pad Thai (the famous wok-fried noodle dish) in Bangkok, and nine out of ten will tell you in Thip Samai. Just 10 minutes drive away from Chinatown, this restaurant is considered one of the most famous Pad Thai restaurants in Bangkok, popular with locals and tourists alike. When you see a long line in front of the place, be sure you have arrived at the right place.

What to order? Shrimp Pad Thai, and their famous orange juice.

Location: 313 Mahachai Road, Old City (close to Wat Saket)
Opening Hours: 17:00 – 01:00

Kyo Roll En (not Thai) 

Bangkok is sweet tooth’s paradise, so do your sweet tooth a favor, and head to the Kyo Roll En. This unique Japanese dessert cafe tempts sweet-toothed Bangkokians with contemporary Japanese desserts. Some of the favorites include Bamboo Charcoal roll cakes, Uji Matcha soft ice-cream and Mont Blanch Kakigori. Get your camera ready to take pictures of the creative designs. Don’t they just look amazing?

Location: Find your outlet in Bangkok here.

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Where to Stay in Bangkok?

If you are traveling with all the family or bunch of friends, we recommend renting self-catering apartments for more comfort and flexibility. Both of our recommended hotels below are located in central Bangkok, the area called Sukhumvit, that plays host to some of the best accommodation and dining options in Bangkok.

While the luxurious Maitria Hotel Sukhumvit offers homely serviced apartments with fully equipped kitchens, the Arize Hotel Sukhumvit features elegantly appointed units with a wide range of facilities. Find a tasty choice of restaurant and bars just steps out of the hotel door. Looking for vacation rentals all across Thailand? Simply browse

weholis guide to the best bites in bangkok