Need to get away, with only your car and a few hours drive? From New England to the desert of Arizona, it’s easy to find the perfect spontaneous weekend escape.

These destinations are ready to take you in with open arms, breezy beaches, and a frozen drink or two.. or three! What are you waiting for? Grab your keys and go!

Charleston, South Carolina

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For an Antebellum coastal getaway, hop in the car and head to the cobblestone streets of Charleston, South Carolina. Spanish moss sways from the trees, bed and breakfasts are around every corner, and charming gas lamps light the paths. Peruse the pristine mansion-lined Battery to get a feel for the luxurious lives of past- and current- Charleston residents. Visit the historic City Market complex for a quaint shopping experience amongst local artisans, vendors, and craftsmen.

Sedona, Arizona

where to book spontaneous vacations in the us

Sedona is like a dream world for city slickers, so make sure to add it to your spontaneous weekend getaway bucket list. Tucked in amongst the red-rock buttes and canyons of the Arizona desert, Sedona is home to luxury spa resorts, world-class outdoor activities, and eccentric shopping. And that’s not to mention the spectacular vistas of the rugged Southwest. Spend days exploring the network of over 100 hiking trails or relaxing at one of many new-age spas. There’s no one right way to see Sedona, so you might just want to try a little of everything!

Seaside, Florida

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For a charming beachfront destination unlike anywhere else on Earth, head down to Florida’s Seaside. A dreamworld town that feels more like a movie set (hint: it was one!) than an actually place, the perfectly pastel beach houses will take your breath away. Cruise the streets by bicycle while heading into the town centre, where restaurants, cafes, shops, and public areas are concentrated. Across 30A, the famed coastal drive of the Florida Panhandle, is the bountiful white, sandy beach. This dreamy village will stay in your mind for years to come!

Santa Barbara, California

where to book spontaneous vacations in the us

If you’re looking for a relaxing, youthful weekend escape from the Los Angeles city life, Santa Barbara is the perfect destination. Take the scenic drive along the Pacific Coast Highway (already a relaxing venture in of itself) towards the laid-back beachfront oasis. If the sandy shores are your calling, firmly plant yourself on East Beach for the weekend. But if touring the city is for you, make sure to visit the historic County Courthouse or the sunny shopping lane of State Street.

Kennebunkport, Maine

where to book spontaneous vacations in the us

For an spontaneous trip to the New England coast, Kennebunkport in Maine is the most idyllic location. Stroll the beachfront, try the fresh local lobster, and even spot a Bush or two (the iconic American political family vacations here each year!) The quiet beaches and open-air cafes will charm even the most jaded of New York City folk and the rugged coastline is great for adventurers who can’t sit still. Hidden footpaths lead directly to the water, where it’s easy to understand why Kennebunkport is a favorite weekend escape for people around the country!

Created by Mandy Burkholder