Created by Alejandra Larade

You can experience this fantastic site, admiring the full force of nature flowing and roaring from either side of the Canadian or United States border. There are enough attractions on either side, with tours, good restaurants, and most important, the fabulous view to capture your attention. Reserve at least an hour to enjoy the view, or make it your main destination, as there are several activities and sights that will capture your attention. Have your camera ready, as there are many spots that will get you mesmerized, with the mist that will refresh you, and the rainbows displayed in front of the falls.

This is a place to have on your bucket list, as it is a must for anyone who enjoys traveling. Millions of visitors come here every year to witness this beautiful and natural location. These falls have one of the largest hydroelectric developments in the world, which take advantage of the huge amount of water passing through its flow. Three waterfalls compose Niagara Falls: Horseshoe Falls (Canadian Side), American Falls (United States Side), and Bridal Veil Falls (United States Side)

US-Niagara-DeskCave of the Winds – If you want to feel the power of the falls, get ready for this adventure, which is a tour that will take you very close. Following wooden walkways along the Niagara River to the Hurricane Deck, just a few feet from the torrents of Niagara Falls. You’ll witness and feel the storm-like conditions caused by the Bridal Veil Falls.

US-Niagara-CablecarWhirlpool aero car – This tour gives you the opportunity of a close-up look at the whirlpool rapids from above, standing on an antique cable car. This is a unique experience to witness an unforgettable natural phenomenon.



US-Niagara-HelicopterHelicopter Tours – This is a unique experience in which you can join a helicopter tour and enjoy the view from above with the perfect view of the falls, the gorge (deep narrow passage), and the whirlpool. It’s a bit expensive, however, very well worth it for a once in a lifetime experience.


US-Niagara-TowerSkylon Tower – Located on the Canadian side, this observation tower rises above the falls to give you an amazing view, and it’s the most important landmark next to the falls.

You can enjoy a delicious meal during your visit to this tower, as there are two nice restaurants on the top, and a revolving dining room that allows you to have a great view once it rotates.